Spooky Spaghetti & Haunted House

COMING: October 25, 2019   6-8pm

The Enatai PTSA and Enatai Elementary 5th Grade
invite you and your family to attend our Harvest Celebration

with thrills and chills and FUN for everyone!


99% Safety Guarantee.  ALL ESCAPE-PROOF EXHIBITS.

Hidden creatures that skeptics call "figments of imagination".  Relics of the past accepted as extinct.  Creatures of legend and myth.  The Loch Ness Monster. Bigfoot. These are cryptozoology’s stars.

shining the light on mankind's fears

- Featuring live exhibits and curious collections

- Speak to our team of Scientists about their groundbreaking work

- Meet the Hunters who tracked and captured each elusive specimen

Tickets on sale OCTOBER 2019.

Pre-order Spaghetti Dinners + Haunted House tickets online here:

Order Spooky Spaghetti & Haunted House TICKETS
*Pre-orders will open in October.*
Pre-order and then pick them up at the event.  Save time in a fast line!
Scholarships are Available!  See below for details.

 2019 Admission Fees

Tickets are required for Spaghetti Dinners.
Tickets are required for Haunted House Admissions.

  Online Pre-orders "At the Door" Sales
1 Spaghetti Dinner tbd tbd
*limited quantity
Online Only Special:
1 Spaghetti Dinner + 1 Haunted House ticket
tbd Online Only Bundle
Not available at the door
1 Haunted House ticket tbd tbd
Bundle of 3 Haunted House tickets tbd tbd

"At the Door" sales are purchased at the event.
Online pre-orders can be picked up at the Will Call Table.
Spaghetti dinners are limited!  Pre-ordering your dinner is the best way to ensure there is enough!

*Need-based scholarships are available for families unable to afford dinner and/or admission.
Requests must be made in advance by emailing: scholarships@enataiptsa.org 


Family Activities

- Cupcake Walk - Candy Corn Contest -
- Guess the Pumpkin's Weight - Cauldron Toss- and More!

Participate in the Fun and Volunteer!

Signups Coming Soon



Past Haunted House 5th Grade Actors

What is this event?

Spooky Spaghetti and the 5th Grade Haunted House is an annual Fall Harvest PTSA Event providing dinner, a haunted house walk-through, and other family fun activities at Enatai Elementary in late October.

Where is it?

The Spooky Spaghetti dinner is served in the Enatai Cafeteria and the Haunted House is staged in the Enatai Gym (entrance from the Covered Area).  Additional games and booths are usually set up in the Covered Area and inside the school's main hall.  The playground is accessible next to the Covered Area.  Parking is available after school hours in the parking lot, bus lane, and neighborhood.  Weather concerns may affect use of the outdoor spaces.

Can visitors wear costumes?

Everyone can wear costumes to our Harvest Celebration at Enatai Elementary that follow these guidelines:  No weapons, gore, or masks allowed.  Costumes should also be suitable for a school age gathering.

What do visitors pay for?

The Spaghetti dinner and Haunted House both require ticket purchases.  You may pre-order them online, or purchase them in person at the event.

What do you get for a Spooky Spaghetti ticket?

Dinner includes spaghetti and marinara sauce with or without meatballs, garlic bread, Caesar salad, and doughnut holes for dessert.

What do you get for a Haunted House ticket?

One admission ticket lets one person, adult or child, walk through the Haunted House.  

Why are tickets sold for this event?

The Haunted House is the main fundraiser for the 5th Grade.  In their senior year at Enatai, 5th Graders participate in many special activities.  To raise funds to pay for them, the 5th grade students and their families create the Haunted House, build it on the day of the event, and staff it with 5th Grade actors.  Tickets are sold for the Spaghetti Dinners as they are provided by the BSD Nutritional Services and require the presence of School Cafeteria Staff; these services are not donated.  However, volunteers staff the ticket booth and guide the games and the Enatai PTSA donates miscellaneous supplies and overall organization and support.  This allows us to keep the cost as low as we can.  Scholarship tickets are available!  See the information under Admission Fees (above).

How scary is the Haunted House?

Some children find the Haunted House very scary.  Each year's theme is different, but the atmosphere of darkened rooms, flashing lights, and the unknown around every corner may be too much even without the scary efforts of our 5th Grade actors.  For those who think they want to go... if it's not too dark, the Haunted House is run with the lights on for the first half hour after opening (6:00 - 6:30pm).


 The theme of the Haunted House is selected each year with recent themes being the School of Screams, the Zombie Hotel, the Field of Screams: Haunted Cornfield, and the Haunted (Goosebumps) Library.

Spooky Spaghetti:  spooky@enataiptsa.org 
Haunted House: haunted@enataiptsa.org