Enatai PTSA Fundraising 101


Every year, the Enatai PTSA raises money all year long to fund next year's programs.   We have been asked many questions about why we raise money, how we do it, and where the money goes.  For every question that is asked, we figure there are at least 10 more that are not asked.  The information contained on this page should help answer some of those questions.  

Have questions that did not get answered here?  Email us and we will respond with answers as soon as possible.


Yearly Fundraising Timeline 

  1. We raise money throughout the school year through planned (and sometimes spontaneous) fundraisers. After the last planned fundraiser of the year, we determine how much money we have to spend during the following school year.
  2. In May, a budget committee is formed.  The committee is composed of a handful of PTSA Members (yet another reason membership is important!), one K-2 teacher, and one 3-5 teacher.  The budget committee determines where Enatai's needs are, and how we can use our funds to best support those needs.
  3. The proposed budget is brought to the General Membership in June, at the last General Membership meeting of the school year.  PTSA Members can vote to approve the budget (and vote in next year's board) at that time.
  4. The new board re-approves the budget at their first meeting in August, before school begins.  
  5. The budget is again brought to the General Membership at the fall PTSA General Membership meeting in September, where the new membership approves the budget for the year.
  6. We go about spending the money we raised according to the budget, on programs and experiences that enrich and enhance the education of each and every Enatai student.

*** Note:  5th Grade Families, you might think that because you will not be here next year, you do not need to help us raise money.   That is not the case.  There were 5th grade families donating to the Enatai PTSA when your kids were in preschool coming into Kindergarten, and we need you to help complete the cycle of giving, so that next year's incoming kindergarteners will have a fantastic first year at Enatai. 


Why We Fundraise

The Enatai PTSA pays for Math & Reading aides to help our children with these two important subjects.  3rd grade teacher Sharon Neal created a powerpoint about how the Aides are used at Enatai, and how they benefit all students, regardless of whether or not they are being supported directly by the Aides.  (Note: She gave this presentation a few years ago, so some of the staff has changed but the methods remain the same).

Curriculum Enhancement is an umbrella that includes field trips, assemblies, in-class speakers and events, and other experiences that enhance our students' learning that is tied to BSD curriculum, stretching their learning even further.

Grants includes Classroom Grants & Matching Grants that allow Teachers funds to buy things for their classrooms that would otherwise come out of their own pockets.  Matching grants allow us to partner with the Bellevue Schools Foundation.  With BSF's partial funding, we can use our Matching Grants fund to make our dollars stretch even further, and partner with other schools to do things like bringing in notable childrens' authors to do presentations for our students.

Despite our librarian's wonderful stewardship of Enatai's Library, our library does not have the number of items per student that the American Library Association recommends.  Every year, the PTSA gets us a bit closer to the ALA's recommendations by earmarking money our librarian uses to buy books and supplies for our library.  This is supplemented by Scholastic Dollars, which the PTSA earns by sponsoring the Fall & Spring Book Fairs.  When you open a library book and it says "Donated by the Enatai PTSA" on the inside cover, you will know that book was purchased from these funds.

Note:  If you would like to help the library directly our school librarian has created Amazon Wish Lists for both Grades K-2 and Grades 3-5.  Books that are donated directly will have "Donated by [Student or Family Name]" on the inside of the front cover, unless the donor chooses to remain anonymous.

Academic Programs include things like Academic Adventure, Passport Club, Science Fair, Multi-Cultural Night, and IXL Math.

The YMCA PlayEveryday Program allows a Coach from the YMCA Play Everyday Program to play organized games with our kids, enabling kids who can't find someone to play with, or who otherwise would be wandering around with nothing to do, an opportunity to be involved, engaged, and active during recess.  This program has been a huge success in engaging & encouraging activity in our kids, and cutting down on post-recess squabble mediation by teachers.


Methods of Fundraising

We have tried various methods in the past to raise the funds we use to support our children's education.  They each have their own benefits and drawbacks:


% Enatai Keeps

Historic Total Net $ Earned

Historic Participation Rate

Volunteer Effort Required

Fun Factor

Gala Auction




Very High

Very High

Online Auction
















Very Low


Sell “Stuff”






Corporate Partners in Education




Very Low

Very Low

Direct Donation




Very Low

Very Low


At Enatai, we tend toward HIGH VALUE fundraisers.  Which means we like to keep most of the money we raise, instead of handing a big chunk of it over to a for-profit fundraising corporation.  Therefore, it is unlikely that you will see us as an entire school selling cookie dough or wrapping paper, since the cookie/paper people tend to want to keep half the money for themselves.  In order to raise $100,000, we would have to sell $200,000 worth of dough, which amounts to 18,750 tubs of cookie dough.  Every single student would be responsible for selling 34 tubs of dough.  That's a lot of cookies.

The ideal fundraiser would:

    1. Raise a lot of money in one fell swoop
    2. Be a "High Value" fundraiser (Enatai would keep a vast majority of the money raised)
    3. Require very few volunteer hours to host/put on.
    4. Be so much fun (or perhaps so easy?) that EVERYONE would want to participate.


2018-2019 Planned Fundraisers 

We have three main fundraisers planned for the 2017-2018 school year.  If you have any questions about, or would like to help with these fundraisers, please email the chairs.

    • The Read-A-Thon will be happening in October.  Chair is Sarah Bryan
    • Toast To Enatai fundraiser will be held in February.  There is NO CHAIR as of 6/2018.
    • Jog-A-thon will be held in May.  Chair is  Jesse Pacem.


We also have a few minor fundraisers planned:

    • Box Tops & Labels for Education is chaired by Julie Uyeda.
    • Corporate Partners in Education is chaired by Julie Uyeda.
    • We are looking at kicking off the "Bricks & Boulders" program.  Stay tuned for further details.


All Participation Counts!

One thing to note in the chart above is the Participation Rate of the various fundraisers we've tried.  Only 15-50% of families have historically participated in any one of our fundraisers.  We do not have data that shows if it is the same families participating in all fundraisers, or if it is every family picking one fundraiser to participate in for the year.  Participation, at any level, makes a huge difference in our level of success.  If our goal for an individual fundraiser is $40,000, that means that each of our 550 students would need to raise an Average of about $75.  Some will do more, some will do less, but that math assumes 100% participation.  For every student that ignores the fundraiser, or for every family that decides that their donation would be too small to make a difference, the average amount that every other student needs to raise goes up.  

Scenario 1:  Everybody Participates

550 students x $75 Average raised = $40,000.  Success!

Scenario 2:  Only 40% of students participate; still raise $75 Average

550 x 40% = 220 students x $75 Average raised = $16,500.  That is less than half of our goal.  When budget meetings happen in May, we will have to cut programs.  :(

Scenario 3:  Only 40% of students participate, BUT we lean on the participating students more to make up for the ones who ignore the fundraisers.

$40,000 raised by 220 students = $185 average raised per student.  The students in this scenario must raise 2.5x the money than the students in Scenario 1.  :(


We will not be successful with our historic participation rates.

We need every family to give at a level that is comfortable to them.


Strategize Your Giving!

We ask that every student target raising an average of $500 for the year.  Some will do more; some will do less, but please participate in a way that feels comfortable and meaningful to you.  We have two planned fundraisers for this year, plus the Direct Donation link is always available.  You can participate in all three at a smaller rate, or in one or two at a higher.



Direct Donation Information

A Middle School PTA in Texas sent this home with their students at the beginning of the year.  While we at the Enatai PTSA aren't quite that snarky, we certainly empathize with the sentiment.  A Direct Donation is the most efficient way to put your money to work for our children.  

To that end, we have made it very simple and easy for our families to donate to the PTSA at any time.  Over on the left hand side of this website, is an icon of a Pig with a Heart.  Anyone at any time can "Click The Pig" to donate whatever amount they feel is appropriate. 


The Enatai PTSA is a 501(c)3. 

All Donations are 100% Tax Deductible!


Thank you very much for your continued support.

We could not do what we do without it!

Go Eagles!