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August 25, 2017

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Welcome to the 2017-2018 Enatai PTSA Newsletter! 

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Upcoming Events

Our full calendar can always be found on our website.  You can subscribe to our iCal calendar by using these directions.  iCal subscriptions are awesome and we encourage everyone to use them!  All PTSA Events & BSD calendar days are in our calendar, and will be added to YOUR calendar when you subscribe.  You can easily unsubscribe if you decide it's not for you.

Tues 8/29 8-9am - Returning Students: Meet & Greet Your Teacher
Tues 8/29 4-5pm - Kindergarten/New Family School Tours & Bus Rides
Thurs 8/31 - First Day Of School (Gr. 1-5)
Mon 9/4 - Labor Day - NO SCHOOL
Tues 9/5 - First Day of Kindergarten
Tues 9/5 - Welcome Back Coffee, 7:30 AM
Sat 9/9 - Back To School Fair @ BHS 10am-4pm


Volunteer Dashboard

Volunteer Opportunity Questions? Needed Progress
Kindergarten/New Family Welcome (Aug 29 4pm) Communications 14 11
Welcome Back Coffee (Tues 9/5 7-8:30 AM) Communications 22 0
Haunted House (5th Grade Families) Noelle Barnes Lots! Some
PTSA President (can be shared) Communications 1-2 0
PTSA Reflections Art Program Chair (can be shared) Communications 1-2 0


Kindergarten/New Family Welcome 8/29

Tuesday, August 29th will be an exciting day at Enatai.  At 8:00 AM, families of returning students will have an opportunity to find their classroom, meet their teacher, and drop off school supplies.  Then, at 4:00 in the afternoon, we will have school tours & bus rides for Kindergarteners & New Families.  The PTSA is planning to provide Otter Pops to families attending the afternoon event. 

We are looking for a few people to help welcome new families and help cut the tops off otter pops.  Sign up here to volunteer!


Welcome-Back Coffee 9/5

Enatai PTSA is hosting our Welcome-Back Coffee on the Tuesday after Labor Day (9/5). We are looking for a few people to help with this event by bringing treats or helping with setup and takedown. PTSA will provide coffee, napkins, and cups. For those bringing food: Please label allergens.  Sign up here to volunteer.  Thank you everyone! We can't wait to see you at the Welcome Back Coffee!



Drop-Off/Pick-Up 101

Next Thursday is the first day of school.  We want to make sure everyone stays safe and happy.  If you plan on using the drop-off/pickup lane, please remember:

- Do not get out of your car.  If you need to help your student enter/exit the car, do not use the pickup/drop-off lane.  Find a spot in the lot or use street parking.
- Have your student enter/exit from the curb side of the car.
- It is ok to pull into/wait in the striped area of the pickup lane, as long as you stay in your car.
- Give hugs, pep talks, and say your long goodbyes in your driveway, not in Enatai's.
- Walkers:  Do not jaywalk/cross directly from the park to the school; use the designated crosswalks.

There is more information about pickup and drop-off in our Pick-up/Drop-off 101 article.


Key Volunteer Positions Open: President & Reflections Chair

We are looking to fill a few key volunteer positions ASAP.  Firstly, we do not have a PTSA President. We do have a strong team in place, but need someone to run our monthly evening board meetings and make sure that the "business of PTSA" is taken care of.  This position can be shared by two people.  Please email communications@enataiptsa.org if you are willing to say yes.

We are looking for someone to say yes to spearheading this year's PTSA Reflections Art Program.  This is a very important PTSA-sponsored national cultural arts competition.  It happens right at the beginning of the year, so it will be important to find someone right away who is interested in Art & giving our students an avenue in which to express themselves.  This position can be shared by two people.  Interested?  Email communications@enataiptsa.org.


2017 Back To School Fair 9/9 @ BHS

Start off the new school year right. Come to the 2017 Back to School Fair, featuring family fun, resources, prizes, and food trucks: Saturday, Sept. 9. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Bellevue High School.

Bellevue PTSA Council 2.3, in partnership with the District and Bellevue Schools Foundation, is hosting this event to welcome ALL district families back to school. From optional educational sessions for parents on a variety of topics and a resource fair with 60+ community organizations to an introduction to our new District Superintendent Dr. Duran, the events will pair perfectly with a fun family atmosphere. We hope you’ll join us all at the Fair! For more information, visit the Bellevue PTSA Council 2.3 website.


Purchase your 2017-2018 Membership Today!

In order to remain a member in good standing, PTSA memberships must be re-purchased every school year.  PTSA Memberships are now available for purchase.  Simply use this handy link or click the "Join PTSA" link on the left-hand side of our website.   There is more information about the benefits of PTSA Membership in our Membership 101 Info Page.



Did you leave Enatai over the summer?

If you are no longer at Enatai Elementary and therefore no longer need your enataiptsa.org account, here is how to delete your account:

1.  Log into your account by clicking the "My Account" gear symbol in the left hand menu of our website, or by using this link.
2.  Click the Delete symbol next to all students.
3.  Click the Delete symbol next to all parents; delete yourself last.

If you need help with this, you can email communications@enataiptsa.org.


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