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June 15, 2018

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There are 296 Members of the Enatai PTSA
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Upcoming Events

Our full calendar can always be found on our website.  You can subscribe to our iCal calendar on your smartphone by using these directions.

June 19 -- Field Day
June 21 -- 5th Grade Graduation
June 22 -- Last Day of School!

Volunteer Dashboard

Volunteer Opportunity Questions? Needed Progress
Fifth Grade Graduation Volunteers & Donations Radhika Moolgavkar 39 23
Field Day 6/19 Genevieve Arjal   30 10

Field Day is on Tuesday 6/19!

Come join the students for Field Day on Tuesday, June 19th. It will be a fun-filled afternoon from 1:00-2:00pm playing different games/activities.  There will be lots and lots of games:

Three legged Race
-  Badminton -  Bubbles -  Basketball - Foxtails - Gunny Sack Race - Hula Hoops - Jump Ropes - Hurdles - Rockwall - Tire Pull - and more!
We need volunteers to help run each of the activity stations that Ms. Klein (our PE teacher) has organized.  This is a great chance for you to have fun with your student (and all the others, too) at the last event of the school year!
Volunteers are needed!

2018-2019 PTSA Officers Elected

Thank you to those of you who were able to attend our PTSA General Meeting on Wednesday night!  This well attended meeting included reports from the Principal, President, Treasurer, Staff, and Committees.  In a grueling marathon of cash flow analysis with strict reprisals for veering off-course, we reviewed next year's budget and turned to our Officer Elections for 2018-2019.  A floor nomination for incumbent President Amy Hart was made, resulting in the exciting unprecedented news that the position of President had two very competent and capable competing candidates: Amy Hart and Pam Unger.  Voting was concluded with a very narrow margin separating the two candidates.
Election Results
President:  Amy Hart Vice President: Jesse Pacem
Secretary: Jennifer Strophy Co-Treasurers: Stacy Saal and Pam Unger
Pam Unger and Stacy Saal have graciously agreed to serve as Co-Treasurers, filling this vital position in next year's Board.  We would like to thank all our candidates for offering their time and skills to serve Enatai's parents, teachers, and students!
Additional PTSA Board meetings will be conducted over the summer to review and prepare for the new school year.  Meetings are open to all!  Information about summer meetings will be posted on this website.  You can subscribe to our iCal calendar on your smartphone by using these directions to stay up to date without having to check this website all summer.  Questions? Please contact communications@enataiptsa.org
Interested in more information from the meeting?  PTSA members can view the final meeting Agenda and Draft Meeting minutes, available soon, on the PTSA meeting page.

Golden Acorn Awards: LAST DAY TO NOMINATE!

Every year Enatai PTSA honors one volunteer and one staff member with Golden Acorn awards.  The Golden Acorn Award is a very prestigious Washington State PTA award that is given out by local PTAs/PTSAs for exemplary and outstanding volunteerism and service to PTA. Click on the following link to nominate an outstanding volunteer and an outstanding educator. You can also email your nominations to president@enataiptsa.org.  
 Thank you for your participation!


5th Grade Graduation is on Thursday, June 21st!
Ceremony: 8:10 - 10:15 am in the Enatai Cafeteria
Reception to Follow

We still need volunteers to help with Graduation and setup on Wednesday and Food/drink donations!!  
Please:  Sign-up Here

Visit the 5th Grade webpage for additional information and contacts.  
Questions? Email Radhika Moolgavkar: rmoolgavkar@gmail.com

A note to Parents: Please be mindful of traffic and parking concerns when coming to graduation.  Parking in the drop-off lane is not allowed during drop-off times.  Because the ceremony starts so close to drop-off,  please plan to try street parking as the parking lot fills very quickly.


Together Eagles Help End Summer Hunger!

THANK YOU to all the students, teachers, staff and Enatai community who helped support the Hopelink End Summer Hunger coin drive.  This year with the help of our student co-chair Olivier Watson-Lamb, Enatai students raised an VERY impressive $2895.18.

Some of our wonderful community members donated to our Coin Drive as the student collections were being counted at a grocery store coin-counting machine:
- One gentleman donated the change in his pocket, touched by the generosity of our students
- A father and his 2 year-old son counting their coins at the same machine decided this was a better cause and donated their whole bag of coins instead of spending it on toys.

An anonymous $100 donation was made with the following story:
"I've gone hungry so my children would have enough to eat. It's a scary situation.  My circumstance did not last long, thank God.  Someone gave my family two bags of groceries years ago.  Again, I'm paying that forward."

Thanks for helping the Eagles smash their record and help Hopelink end summer hunger!

If you didn't get a chance to contribute you can still donate online


Yearbooks for Sale $19

Limited supply: only 13 yearbooks left to sell!
Cost: $19

First come, first serve basis, please email yearbook@enataiptsa.org with your request.

Not sure if you already ordered one??? 
Email yearbook@enataiptsa.org with your inquiry and include your child’s full name/grade/teacher.

Thank you! 


NOTICE: 2018-2019 Events without Chairs

PTSA budgets both income and expenses based on events that we have held historically and have chairs for the upcoming year.   Events or special projects without Chairs run the risk of being cancelled for the year.  

As of this date the following events and special projects do not have a Chair: 

Toast to Enatai The biggest and most important PTSA fundraiser of the year.
Yearbook Without a Yearbook Chair there will be no yearbook.
PTSA Membership This Chair organizes the membership drive and provides a liaison to the public to discuss the PTSA's goals and workings.
Carnival One of the best end-of-the-year community events!
Field Day Organized in large part by Enatai's PE teacher, this day promotes sports and outdoor play for students in an end-of-the-year event.
Variety Show   Enatai students have a chance to perform on the stage for their school and families.  This is the only opportunity for students with talents outside school programs to perform for their fellow students.
Special Mention: Haunted House A 5th Grade tradition, Haunted House and Spooky Spaghetti are the first community events of the year and are best run by a committee.  We do have one person willing to provide leadership for Spooky Spaghetti but more people for both events are needed.  Look for the 5th Grade meeting at the beginning of the new school year to join these teams!

To help these events and projects happen next year, please become its Event Chair!  If you cannot, please spread the word that someone is needed!  For questions about Event Chair responsibilities, please email: communications@enataiptsa.org.  Whenever possible, I will connect you to the departing Event Chair or a Board member for information.  Let's give our students a great year and provide them with the special events they love!



The money raised through the Jog-A-Thon has brought us $16,500!   We cannot thank you enough for stepping up for our children, staff and school!  Students did a wonderful job asking for sponsors and walking, jogging, and running for their cause.  Thank you, All, and thank you to Jesse Pacem and Stacy Saal for organizing this event!





Despite cloudy skies and wet weather, Enatai familes enjoyed one of our favorite end of the year community events: Carnival! 

Families played unlimited games, dunked our brave Enatai staff members at the Dunk Booth, viewed the Bellevue Police armored SWAT car, enjoyed the magic of G.G. Green, threw pies at 5th Graders, and finished their evening with our terrific Bellevue Fire Department's Fire truck finale!  Thank you Jesse Pacem and Joe Harris, who saved this Event!  See more photos on our Carnival webpage.


Are you one of the 9%? So far, that's how many families in the district have donated to Bellevue Schools Foundation to support innovative public education for our students.

When you join them before the last bell rings on Friday, June 22, a generous $25,000 matching fund from Lincoln South Food Hall will DOUBLE your gift--in any amount! Learn more about how you make a difference for your child, and every Bellevue public school student, and join us today! http://www.bellevueschoolsfoundation.org/schools-almost-out-are-you-in-yet/


Special Thanks to our Corporate Partners!

As the school year comes to a close, the Enatai PTSA wanted to take this time to thank all of our 2017-18 Enatai PTSA Corporate Partners in Education!  It's really exciting to see local businesses demonstrate their commitment to improving the lives and education for each and every student at Enatai Elementary school.   And thank you to Julie Uyeda for chairing this important program!


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