Passport Club Distance Learning 2020-2021

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Thank you for your interest in this year’s Passport Club which will be provided through distance learning! Passport Club is for students from 1st to 5th grades to learn about world geography.

Normally, Passport Club is conducted through face to face interaction between students and volunteer checkers. However, given the current situation, the program this year will be modified and conducted through emails sent each month to students via their parents’ email address. The program this year will provide introductory and enrichment activities and focus on 5 (Level 1) countries only. Each email will include the following:

  • List of countries
  • Blank map (for printing and coloring)
  • Special itinerary (for further learning on one specific country)  
  • Link to the Virtual Classroom that includes videos and fun facts about the countries of the month (Chrome is required)

The first package will be sent to registered students at the beginning of October. There will be a total of 8 packages throughout the year. 

What is different from our normal in-person Passport Checks?

  1. Activities are meant to be done at home independently by students.
  2. Activities are focused only on Level 1 countries. 
  3. Submitting the completed special itinerary to Passport Club is still optional. However, for those who wish to submit, a special stamp will be emailed to them each month. In addition, those who have submitted more than 6 special itineraries will be rewarded by Enatai Passport Club at the end of the school year.

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 Please feel free to contact Enatai Passport Club ( with any questions!