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June 12, 2020

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There are 302 Members of the Enatai PTSA
Thank you for your support!

Upcoming Events

Our full calendar can always be found on our website.  You can subscribe to our iCal calendar on your smartphone by using these directions.

March 13 - End of the School Year --- BELLEVUE SCHOOL DISTRICT CLOSURE
June 18 ------------ PreK, K, 1st, 2nd Grade, and open student materials drop off and pickup
June 19 ------------ 3rd, 4th, and open student materials drop off and pickup
June 19 ------------ 5th Grade Promotion Microsoft Teams Live Event, 12pm
June 19 ------------ Last Day of School
June 22 ------------ 5th Grade and open student materials drop off and pickup

Interested in Volunteering for the 2020-2021 School Year?  
Click here to learn more

Academic Adventure Awards 2019-2020

Congrats to all of the 48 students who earned the Strutting Eagle, Adventurous Eagle or Principal's Award this year!  You can be proud of trying these adventures and completing all the steps to earn your goal. 
- Students who completed four adventures and submitted the Final Entry Form earned the Strutting Eagle
- Students who completed at least 7 adventures and submitted the Final Entry Form earned the Adventurous Eagle + Strutting Eagle
- Students who completed 13 or more adventures and submitted their Final Entry Form earned the Principal's Award + Adventurous Eagle + Strutting Eagle
Grade First Name Last Name Teacher Adventures Completed
K Toma Franze Henry 11
K Lillian Horsfall Henry 7
K Marlow Shoemaker Alcorn 7
1 Lucy Algarra A Cox 8
1 Vivienne Merza Carlson 8
1 Michael Nguyen Carlson 8
1 Ethan Peng Carlson 7
1 Isabella Newton Inama 5
1 Miu Nakazato Carlson 4
2 Aedan Suh Winbush 15
2 Hugo Watson-Lamb Greytak 15
2 Evelyn Bower Winbush 14
2 Mia Franze Beba 13
2 Maia Leung Winbush 12
2 Madeline Tsai   12
2 Hal Okubo Beba  10
2 Mark Yu Beba  10
2 Nathan Meador Greytak 9
2 Tate Shoemaker Greytak 8
2 Violet Remer Beba 7
3 Hiro  Mitchell-Lu Wilkins 15
3 Ethan Suh Wilkins 15
3 Matthew Wan Neal 14
3 Jack Fei Wilkins 11 
3 Mason Zeitler Neal 11
3 Eric Nguyen Wilkins 10
3 Colin Lemker   9
3 Sean Ma Neal 9
3 Elsie Evanson Wulbert  7
4 Anum R. Traub Uselman 14
4 Aayan S. Traub Fisher 14
4 Enzo Franze Yockey 13
4 Sydney Uyeda Yockey 13
4 Mimi Wolf Fisher 12
4 Saige Haynie Yockey 11
4 Isobel Tran Fisher 10
4 Ervin Nagai Uselman 9
4 Olivia Remer Fisher 7
4 Olivia McKee-Pflaum Yockey 7
5 Jason Gu McBroom 16
5 Sydney Suh Chun 16
5 Armita Amini Chun 13
5 Sora Okubo Roongsang 10
5 Alyssa Zelinka Chun 10
5 Zoe Zelinka Roongsang 10
5 Charlie Wilson Roongsang 9
5 Riley Zeitler Chun 9
5 Joey Yoon Chun 8

Emails were sent to parents with their student's certificate.  If you have submitted your Final Entry Form but not received your student's certificate, please email: communications@enataiptsa.org

If Academic Adventure helped your student to build grit by sticking with a long-term goal, please email: academicadventure@enataiptsa.org so we can gauge interest for next year.  Plans for next year's program are underway, and your ideas are welcome.

Congrats to all who participated!
Kathy Green Wilson
Academic Adventure Chair

Passport Club 2019-2020 Wrap-Up

During this school year 2019-2020 a total of 153 students from 1st to 5th grades participated in Passport Club. Even though we had to cancel 2 Passport checks due to school closure, we were still able to hold a total of 7 passport checks, and a majority of student participants stuck through the program for the whole year. Way to go, Enatai Passport Club! This is a great program to help students get familiar with and interested in World Geography.

The following 14 students passed Level 5 at all 7 Passport Checks this year. This is not easy to achieve and takes a lot of effort and hard work, so Congratulations!
2 Faris Derhem
2 Shreya Parihar
3 Bharadwaja Karthikeya Mattegunta
3 Colin Lemker
3 Edeun Park
3 Hiro Mitchell-Lu
4 Ganeshwar Mattegunta
5 Anessa McCullough
5 Armita Amini
5 Jason Gu
5 Joey Yoon
5 Paxton Foreman
5 Riley Zeitler
5 William Johnson

Many thanks to the parents who came out to help as volunteer checkers on Passport Check days! With your assistance, this program has been a great success this year. We’d also like to recognize 5 students: Charlie WilsonJason GuJoey YoonPaxton Foreman and Sydney Uyeda for helping the program as student checkers at every passport check!

Thank you and see you next year!!


Yearbook Delivery/Distribution Update

Thank you Enatai families for your patience with yearbook delivery.  We just received notice from LifeTouch that the printing of our yearbooks has been delayed due to COVID-19 safety measures and state mandated curfews decreasing both employee attendance and work hours at their facilities.  
Once the yearbooks have been delivered, we will notify families via email and include details on distribution pick up times.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Please note: we did not order any additional yearbooks this year. 
If you have questions, please send them to yearbook@enataiptsa.org


Student Materials Drop Off and Pickup

Does your family have Enatai library books, classroom materials or other items borrowed from the school? Did your student leave anything at school?  Enatai administration has released a plan to help students return or pickup their items!  See Principal MacDonald's Eagle Update for details:

Special Thanks to our Corporate Partners!

As the school year comes to a close, the Enatai PTSA wanted to take this time to thank all of our 2019-20 Enatai PTSA Corporate Partners in Education!  It's really exciting to see local businesses demonstrate their commitment to improving the lives and education for each and every student at Enatai Elementary school. And thank you to Julie Uyeda for chairing this important program!

Golden Eagle Partners ($1000+)
Jesse Pacem LLC
Suh Esthetics Eastside
Micheal Kang DDS/Factoria Family Dentistry
Teresa Kang DDS, PLLC
Michael Chiulli / Trilliam Dental Specialists 

Soleil Roberts, DMD MSD/Soleil Orthodontics
Team Foster

Silver Eagle Partners ($500-999)
Blue Eagle Partners ($250-499)
If you have any questions about Enatai PTSA Corporate Partners in Education or would like information about joining us next year contact CorporatePartners@enataiptsa.org.

Enatai Community End Summer Hunger Coin Drive GOES VIRTUAL!

About 16% of Enatai Elementary's student population receives free or reduced-price lunches. During the summer time the loss of school meals causes challenges for these families. Part of the Hopelink End Summer Hunger program focus is on kids helping kids through classroom coin drives. This year is different since students are remotely learning with schools closed.  Enatai students and families can still make a difference this year by considering an online donation of any amount.  

During the month of June, Enatai students, families and our community can use our TEAM page to make a donation- CLICK HERE TO DONATE.  Please share our Enatai Elementary Community page with your friends and family. Let's come together to make a difference for families and children during the COVID-19 crisis and ensure kids have enough to eat this summer! 

Thank you to the Enatai donors that have made donations so far!  

Volunteer for PTSA Positions for 2020-2021 School Year

The Enatai Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) is a parent-driven volunteer organization dedicated to the social and academic enrichment of each student at Enatai Elementary.  Enatai PTSA is made up of executive Board members and Committee members that work with school leadership, staff, parents and students throughout the school year. PTSA coordinates activities such as educational programs, community events, fundraising, parent communication and enrichment activities.  Visit  http://enataiptsa.org/Program to learn more about the PTSA and the impact the organization makes.   

Each year PTSA positions become available and we are looking for passionate volunteers who want to make a difference to fill these positions.  If you are interested in our open positions or have questions about Enatai PTSA involvement please contact vicepresident@enataiptsa.org

Interested in Volunteering?  Click here to learn more

Ongoing: BSD Resources for Families

Bellevue School District supplies services to help families during the school closure.
Programs include:
- FREE Grab & Go Meals for Kids and Teens with multiple locations for pickup
- Technical Support to aid families access online learning including equipment loans
- Crisis support and Coronavirus information with multilingual support

 BSD Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Resources webpage


Community Corner 6/12

See new listings below.  Find the full list of Community Corner offerings on our website.

Mathspace Summer Camp 2020
By Bellevue High School Juniors, Alexandra and Emma
Grades 2-4
July 20 - July 24  10:00 AM - 11:20 AM
Sign Up: https://forms.gle/LyvtmsDextQopYnc9
Contact us at mathspacecamp@gmail.com

City of Bellevue and King County Library System present:
Greener Living Virtual Class Series
City of Bellevue Utilities is offering free virtual classes as part of King County Library Systems (KCLS) Virtual Class calendar. These live workshops via Zoom will focus on reducing waste and properly sorting recycling and composting, reducing food waste, and non-toxic cleaning tips. If you would like to attend, registration is required. All ages are welcome; however, this class is geared towards adults and children over seven years old. Check the KCLS Virtual calendar for specific class dates and times, and for additional classes they offer: https://kcls.org/featured-events-online/. We’re currently offering the following classes:

- Non-Toxic Cleaning: Wednesday, June 17th 1:00PM-2:00PM
- Reduce Wasted Food: Wednesday, June 24th 1:00PM-2:00PM
- Become a Super Sorter- Proper Disposal and Handling of Unwanted Items: Wednesday, July 1st, 1:00PM-2:00PM
To learn more visit www.bellevuewa.gov/greener-living-classes.

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