June 11, 2019

Come join the students for Field Day on Tuesday, June 11th. 
It will be a fun-filled afternoon from 1:00-2:00pm with the entire school
playing games and sports.  Marnie Kazarian (PE teacher) has created a new line up of Hawaiian themed activities!

NOTE: This Event occurs during school hours.  Visitors, please sign in to the office if you wish to attend.  Students may not leave school from the event without notifying the office as class resumes after 2:00pm.

Questions?  Email:


 We need lots of volunteers to help run each of the activity stations.  Please mark your calendar,  tell your friends and sign up to help! 

thank you, signups are closed


Field Day 2019

Thank you, Ms. Kazarian!

Thank you, Cheryl Evanson

and Julie Uyeda!

Thank you, Volunteers!


Field Day 2018