Pickup Lane 101

See the offical BSD Enatai Elementary Drop Off/Pick Up webpage 
for a map of the streets and lanes!

When the pickup lane is well-organized, the line moves safely and efficiently.  When it isn't, frustration and dangerous situations occur.   We will all need to do our part, pay attention, and be extra safe and courteous to those around us.  Following these guidelines will help keep our students & staff safe, and our parents sane:

  1. Do not park and leave your car in the pickup lane during pickup/drop-off times.  Visiting school for a music performance?  Class party?  Something else?  Find a spot in the lot, or use street parking.
  2. Stay in your car.  If you leave your car in the pickup lane, the drivers behind you cannot pull forward when there is open space in front of your empty car.  If you need to leave your car, pull into a parking spot in the lot or on the street first.
  3. Have your student enter & exit on the passenger side of your car.  Entering the car on the driver's side can be dangerous.  If your student needs help getting into the car and buckling their car seat, do not use the pickup lane.  Instead, park in the lot or use street parking in order to help them safely.
  4. Pull as far forward as possible in the drop-off zone.  The drop-off zone starts at the crosswalk where the crossing guards are stationed. 
  5. It is OK to wait in / pull forward into the diagonal-lined fire lane area.  If there is an emergency, you will be able to move out of the way for the Fire Department, because you will be in your car.
  6. When the person in front of you leaves the line, please pull forward into the vacant spot.  There are so many cars at pick-up time that they often back up all the way to 108th.  If everyone pulls forward in a timely manner, we can reduce the amount of time that Enatai School traffic is blocking city streets (please, let's not end up with cops directing traffic, making people drive around the block like we are Chick-Fil-A!).
  7. Pull into the last available spot; do not cut in line Because everyone will be staying in their car and pulling forward into vacant slots, you won't be last in line for long!
  8. Use your signal and pull into the left hand lane when exiting.
  9. Watch for pedestrians in the parking lot and at the street.  Many children/parents jaywalk to the park across from the school.  While this is not supposed to happen, it does!  Be safe!!


Thank you everyone for your support in keeping all our Enatai families safe!  If you have a regular caregiver who picks up your student by using the pick-up lane, please forward these tips on to them.  Thank you!