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Variety Show


Download the Variety Show Permission Slip


The Variety Show is the chance for students to display their talents on the Enatai Stage.  Past acts have included skits, magicians, comedians, entire classes in special performances, and musicians of all type.

Performance Guidelines

1) All acts must adhere to a one minute time limit.

2)  Only Music, Lyrics, Dress, and Acts appropriate for elementary age audiences will be permitted. All students must follow district behavior guidelines to participate in this school related activity.

3)  Live accompanists for songs are encouraged and parents are welcome as back up performers or accompanists. Remember to allow plenty of advance notice for your accompanist.  Please contact Mrs Peterson with inquiries about piano use or piano accompaniment: petersons@bsd405.org

4)  NO lip synching. Recorded backup music must be instrumental only.

5) Recorded music:  Please edit your music to the length of the act (about 1 minute).  You MUST bring it with you to the try-out and leave a copy with us.  You can either burn the music to a CD or email a digital format to enataitalent2018@gmail.com .  We must have the music at the tryouts.

6)  Memorization is required for all acts.

7)  Full Dress Rehearsal is MANDATORY.

8)  Students should be PREPARED at the time of the audition or they may not have the opportunity to perform this year. 

9)  A student may perform in only one group or solo act.

10)  Rehearsal should take place at home. We will not be able to provide a place for this during school.

11)  5th graders will be the emcees, stage hands, and general assistants for this production, if interested sign up online.   



2018 Variety Show Important Dates

Monday, May 21:  Signups for Try-outs begin! 
A Signup Sheet for Try-outs will be posted on the backstage door (opposite the Music Room).

  When Time Your Audience will be...
Try-Outs: Day 1 May 30 12:10 - 2:00pm Event Organizers and Review Panel
Try-Outs: Day 2 May 31 2:30 - 4:00pm Event Organizers and Review Panel
Try-Outs: Day 3 June 1 2:30 - 4:00pm Event Organizers and Review Panel
Dress Rehearsal June 13 12:10 - 2:10pm Event Organizers and other performers
All-School Assembly
June 14 8:30am Enatai Elementary students and staff
Performance Night June 14 performers arrive by 5:30pm
doors open 6:00pm

6:15 - 8:00pm
Enatai Families and Guests


How to Participate
Download the Variety Show Permission Slip

1) Performers:  A sign-up sheet will be posted on May 21st at the backstage door to pick a try-out day and time.  

2) Fifth Grade Volunteers: Emcees, stage hands, and general assistants needed!  

3) Parent Volunteers:  Parent volunteers are needed to help backstage and prepare the performers and emcees.



2017 Variety Show @ All School Assembly