Frequently Asked Questions


What time is the book fair open?

The book fair typically occurs twice a year: in Fall and Spring. 
The Spring book fair runs February 3 - 7 in the STEM Room



Lunch Recess (11:25-1:20 pm)


Lunch Recess (11:25-1:20 pm) & After School


Before School (7:30-7:55 am)

Family Event 5:00-7:00 pm 


Lunch Recess (11:25-1:20pm) & After School

Friday (last day!)

Before School (7:30-7:55 am) ONLY- CLOSED


Is there a cashless way for my child to shop at the book fair? 

Yes, sign up for eWallet!  It's a secure, cashless way for our students to shop the book fair. You can create an eWallet with the amount you select as a spending limit for your student. Your spending limit will appear as a temporary hold (or pending charge) on your credit card. You will ONLY be charged for what is purchased and after the fair ends, the hold will expire and funds will be released back to your credit card. Watch a short video for more details.

Go here to create your eWallet account:


Is there a way to look at the items available online?

Online Preview/Shopping 


What are Classroom Teacher Wish lists?

Teachers will be creating a box of books they would like to add to the classroom.  You can purchase one of the books or make a donation of any denomination and the book fair chairs will use those donation to purchase books for our teacher.  


How can I help with the book fair?

It takes many volunteers to make the book fair a success.  Volunteering at the book fair is easy and fun.  Interesting in helping? Sign up 


How is Book Fair a fundraiser?

For each dollar spent at the book fair, Enatai PTSA gets 50% back in scholastic dollars to use to purchase Scholastic News year subscription for each and every student, add books to classrooms, and the library!


Are scholarships available?

If your student would like to receive a scholarship to assist in purchasing books, please contact

Our goal is to get a book in every student's hands!


When can parents come in to make purchases from book fair?

Parents can make purchases during school hours as long as it is during open hours (posted above) or classroom visit times (see sign-up sheet).  Lunch recess is a great time for parents/grandparents to shop with student and then enjoy lunch with your student!


Why should my child buy books at the book fair? 

Besides helping our school earn scholastic dollars, our in-school book fair "store" offers a safe environment for students to practice making a purchase on their own.  For many, this is the first time they will handle money and select their own items.  Students practice checking prices, comparing it to their budget, figuring out a total cost and remembering tax.   Our parent volunteers are on hand to help with all of these tasks.


Is there anything else we should know? 

When sending in money with your student, please remember that the published prices do not include tax.  Help your child think of ways to keep their money safe before and after shopping, just as if they were making their own shopping trip to a store.  Also, remind them of any rules you have regarding what items they may or may not purchase!


More questions?

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