2019 Enatai PTSA

Run, Walk, & Roll


Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Use our online fundraising system here: 

*pledges closed for 2019*

Pledge Sheet and Donations are due NO LATER than Wednesday, May 15th.

Online Donations Made Easy! 

  1. Students create a profile at pledgestar.com/enatai (pledges now closed for this event)
  2. Enter email addresses of friends and family - PledgeStar creates your personal pledge page and sends your pledge requests. 
  3. Watch as PledgeStar tracks donations to your pledge page!



Printable Downloads:
2019 Run Walk & Roll Packet

2019 Run Walk & Roll Pledge Sheet

2019 RUN, WALK, & ROLL Fundraiser

Fact Sheet

Question: What is the Enatai Elementary RUN, WALK, & ROLL?

Answer:  The Run, Walk, & Roll is one of Enatai's most popular school-wide activities.  Students, staff, and families look forward to this energetic and fun event every year.  Our PTSA is working hard to provide academic assistance, curriculum enhancements, and playground supervision for our students next year.  We can't do this without the funds raised through our RUN, WALK, & ROLL.

Question:  When is the RUN, WALK, & ROLL event?

Answer:  Wednesday, May 15th, 2019.  Students will run or walk during their lunch recess.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend! 

Question:  Why do we have fundraisers?

Answer: Because limited public-school funds cannot provide all the assistance, resources, and programs we want and need for our children.

Question:  How is the money spent?

Answer:  Our fundraisers provide for materials, events, and learning opportunities our children would otherwise have to do without.  It goes to our PTSA budget to pay for many things, such as resources for technology, teacher aides, math and reading aides, innovative classroom projects, field trips, special assemblies, and more.

Question:  Are the pledges attached to the number of laps a student completes?

Answer:  No.  Students will collect FIXED amounts.  However, students receive an event shirt on which they have their laps marked on back.  This is a fun way we motivate students to compete as many laps as possible. 

Question:  How do students collect pledges?

Answer:  Students can collect online donations, in-person donations, or combinations of the two.  Students collect online donations by adding emails of friends or families to their personal fundraising site at pledgestar.com/enatai.  Students collect in-person donations by recording donor information on their RUN, WALK, & ROLL pledgesheet.

Question:  Who can participate in the RUN, WALK, & ROLL?

Answer:  EVERYONE! 
Students, secure as many pledges as possible and run, walk, or roll through the laps with your classmates.  There is always tons of fun at the event! 
Parents, support your child in securing pledges.  Come and enjoy this fun event with your child!  Siblings are welcome.  
Teachers/Staff, talk about the RUN, WALK, & ROLL in and around the classroom, and let students know the importance of this event for our school.

Question:  What are the PRIZES?


Everyone who
Event T-Shirt
Raise $30 or more 3 oz. Yogurtland Gift Card
Raise $50 or more Glider Plane
+ previous prize level
Raise $100 or more Glow Ring
+ previous prize levels
Raise $150 or more Wikki Stix
+ previous prize levels
Raise $200 or more Superhero Mask (1)
+ previous prize levels
Raise $250 or more Egg Slime Putty
+ previous prize levels
Raise $300 or more Unicorn Straw
+ previous prize levels
Raise $350 or more Mini Cube
+ previous prize levels
Raise $400 or more Cartoon Drawstring Bag
+ previous prize levels
For every $500
raised by a class
Classroom Teacher receives a
$5 Starbucks Gift Card


  For additional questions, please contact Jesse Pacem at vicepresident@enataiptsa.org 



Thank you to our Sponsors! 

Golden Eagle ($1,000+)

Design Built Homes

Factoria Family Dentistry
Teresa Kang DDS, PLLC

 Michael Chiulli / Trilliam Dental Specialists

Soleil Roberts, DMD MSD/Soleil Orthodontics

Suh Esthetics Eastside

Silver Eagle Partners ($500-999)


Allegro Pediatrics



Blue Eagle Partners ($250-499) 


Seattle Children's Hospital