Follow up and Next Steps:
Enatai Consolidation Planning Session 

Hello Parents and Community Members,


The Enatai PTSA hosted a strategy session on 1/17 to discuss next week’s “Community Open House and Listening Session” with the District. There were nearly 70 parents in attendance via Google Meet. This letter is a synopsis of important information from that meeting.


This letter has 3 sections:

  • Open House Information

  • Input Needed From Parents

  • Call to Action with Signups 




  • Tuesday, January 24th, 5:45pm arrival for 6:00pm start

  • Location has moved to the Multi-use Room at Enatai Elementary(library will likely be too small for large turnout)

  • We encourage community members beyond just parents to attend! The district representatives will be arriving between 5:45-5:50pm, so a large, welcoming crowd will make the best impression!

  • Parents and community members may attend at ANY point during the 5:45-7pm window, and need not stay for the entire event.

  • This event is intended for adult discussion. We ask that kids remain at home but if not possible, volunteer Bellevue High students will help provide onsite childcare in the Library.

  • Principal Amy MacDonald reiterated the inclusive, positive culture of Enatai, and her hopes for thoughtful engagement with the district representatives that night.

  • Amy provided some insight on what the Listening Session will look like (final details to come, we will amend if this changes):

    • Multiple discussion ‘stations’ set up in the multi-use room  

    • Small groups will be huddled around an administrator

    • Opportunity for participants to ask questions, and for district representatives to ask questions as well

    • District representatives may start to ask for specific input if suggestions are brought up, i.e.: redistricting maps, bus routes, etc.

    • Groups of participants will rotate through

    • Translators will be available




Two shared documents were created at the strategy session last night and attendees added input in real time. 


  • Document 1: “Lingering Questions” that people have for the District and Board about the process and decision.

  • Document 2: A list of positive reflections and data about Enatai.

  • These documents are now closed as live documents but we have created a form that anyone can submit to add input to both of these lists. ADD ADDITIONAL INPUT VIA THIS FORM


Not every question or comment will be included word for word on the final synopsis but we will try our best to represent major themes.


CALL TO ACTION: (Sign Ups Below!)


  • Please do your research prior to the Open House

    • To ensure we are using our time wisely, avoid asking questions that have answers in many resources already published.

    • Reference the PTSA Guide and watch the videos on our website HERE


  • Continue writing letters to the district team

    • Please reference prior PTSA guidance HERE with FAQ’s, Letter Writing Guidance and Facts about Enatai.

    • Address them to the decision makers:

Superintendent Art Jarvis:

Deputy Superintendent Melissa deVita:

Deputy Superintendent Eva Collins:

The Bellevue School District Board:


  • Neighborhood and Drop-Off/Pick-up Flyer Distribution

    • We are organizing a large group to help distribute flyers to the Enatai Elementary neighborhoods. Please use the SignUp Genius to pass out flyers, assist with organizing the distribution of flyers to the other volunteers, or help dividing up the map!



  • Help the Listening Session To Run Smoothly 

    • If you feel like you are well-versed in some of the commonly asked questions that have already been answered, and/or you have experience with moderating discussions, we’d love your help in steering the Listening Session small groups from spiraling into an unproductive or tangential conversation. We only have one hour, and there will be many parents who want to tell their story or provide input.  



  • High School Students Needed to Help with Childcare in the Library

    • If you have a Highschooler who would like to help us out by keeping an eye on kids who came to the event with their parents, please encourage them to sign up here.



  • Group Needed to Create a Banner to Hang Out Front of School on 1/24 

    • We will need to reach out to the Art teacher, Jenny Davidson, to see if we can purchase some butcher paper and painting supplies from her.  

    • We just need a large banner out front of the school, and if it’s not raining, we could also put one on the fence facing 23rd street. Verbiage: “Listening Session Tonight! Multi Purpose Room 5:45-7pm”