The final year of elementary school brings some changes. Students select instruments and their weekly music class is now replaced with Orchestra or Band twice a week. Library is no longer every week, but bi-weekly.  Along with these changes, this year is full of lots of fun and memorable events only for 5th grade families!


Classroom Contacts and Roles

Room Parents help coordinate classroom celebrations and keep families up-to-date on PTSA events & news.  
Class/Grade Photographers record special moments throughout the school year and contribute to the Yearbook. 

2020-2021 5th Grade Classrooms
Teacher Room Parent Class/Grade Photographer
Mrs. Chun    
Mrs. Roongsang    
Mrs. McBroom    


Fall Festival and Haunted House

Each year at the end of October, 5th grade students and parents host a Haunted House as a fundraiser for 5th Grade activities. This event is held with the Fall Festival, a PTSA community event that features games and activities booths hosted by volunteers representing each grade.  Tickets are sold for Haunted House entry and dinner.   Traditionally, the Haunted House is run by a 5th Grade Parent to facilitate their fundraising efforts.

For the General Public
Visit our Fall Festival and Haunted House webpage for more information

For Fifth Grade Families
See our 5th Grade Only Haunted House page for parent and student volunteer roles and schedules

October 2019

Great Job, 5th Grade!!

Class Sweatshirts

5th grade students receive a specially designed commemorative sweatshirt just for the 5th grade class. These sweatshirts may be personalized with nicknames and are usually ordered in October/November.  This is not an Eaglewear item.

Volunteer Chair (5th Grade Parent):  Emma Zhang

2019-2020 Student Selected Design by Brian Moco

Order your 5th Grade Sweatshirts (or T-shirts) here:  
5th Grade Spiritwear Online Orders
*Ordering for 2019-2020 has closed*
Deadline for orders and payment: November 17th
Scholarships available, see online order form for requests!


The Yearbook team historically has included special 5th grade pages in the yearbook.  Special 5th Grade sections in the yearbook include: 5th grade Haunted house, 5th grade all class photos, 5th grade Orchestra/Band group photos, 5th grade student baby photo section.


Order your Yearbook!
Order your yearbook online HERE
*Ordering for 2019-2020 has closed*
Enatai Elementary School
Yearbook ID: 5871020
Scholarships available, email scholarships@enataiptsa.org or contact your teacher


Submit your student's baby photos by NOVEMBER 25TH
The ideal photo would be a relatively sharp close-up of your child's face with limited items in the background, and aged anywhere from birth to 1-year old.  See email sent by 5th Grade teachers or Room Parents for upload site or email: yearbook@enataiptsa.org

For scanned photos, between 225 and 300 ppi (the closer to 300, the sharper the image) is optimal. Scanning at over 350 ppi is not necessary. Digital photos are usually around 72 dpi resolution when downloaded to your computer but around 300 dpi will ensure your picture is sharp and clear. These are just guidelines and a poor quality pic is better than no pic at all!


Yearbook Photos Wanted!
Do you have photos to share from our recent Fall school events.  The yearbook team has created an Enatai Yearbook photo share site to help us store photos for possible use in the yearbook. High resolution photographs with 2 or more students works the best when designing the yearbook. Please email yearbook@enataiptsa.org


Field Trips and Special Activities

The annual 5th Grade trip to the state capitol in Olympia, Washington brings hands-on lessons for the students' study of government.  This all day trip coincides with other 5th graders visiting the capitol and is a special day for students!

Other 5th Grade activities are determined each year.


5th Grade Song and Dance


5th graders contribute to the school's June Carnival with a Pie-In-the-Face booth
staffed by 5th grade students!


5th Grade Pizza Party



5th Grade Promotion

In the last week of school Enatai holds a "promotion" ceremony for 5th grade students. 
The ceremony usually features a presentation by the Principal and 5th grade Teachers highlighting each student, a reception for families, and a slideshow of the class.