Enatai PTSA Fundraising 101


 Documents for Download or Viewing
10/18/2018 Principal and PTSA Coffee Hour presentation:  PTSA Fundraising 
How Aides are Used at Enatai, Powerpoint Presentation (with sound) by Mrs. Sharon Neal
2018-2019 School Year Curriculum Night Presentation Video featuring Principal MacDonald and PTSA Presentation

Enatai PTSA raises money all year to replenish the funds PTSA will contribute this year to the Enatai Elementary school community. 

The purpose of fundraising is three-fold:

- Replenish funds being used in the current year
- Fund new project ideas and fulfill immediate needs
- Maintain the 30+ programs, community events, and financial support that have built a strong school community

Yearly Fundraising Timeline

The Enatai PTSA’s Most Effective Fundraising strategy:

- Read-a-thon in the Fall
- "Toast to Enatai" in the Winter
- Run Walk & Roll in the Spring

When all three of these fundraisers are effectively planned by an interested and committed parent, fundraising goals are easily achieved.

We need you! We need parents interested in participating as well as parents interested in running these events.

EVERY year we recruit capable and competent volunteers to support these events.

In years that we don’t have support for the event, the event is cancelled. Consequently, funding and fundraising are impacted for that year and future years.

2020-2021 School Year

  • Thank you Sarah Bryan and Abby Dillinger-Lee for chairing Read-a-thon!
  • Thank you Peggy Cooley and Amy Assisi for volunteering to Chair our biggest fundraiser, Toast to Enatai!
  • Run Walk & Roll?

What does all this mean?

Please contribute your time and skills to one of these events this year!
- Please consider contributing your time and skills to one of these events NEXT year!
- Please consider CHAIRING one of these events NEXT year!

Why We Fundraise

Enatai PTSA funds and organizes 30+ programs at Enatai Elementary. The majority of PTSA raised funds goes to

Math & Reading aides - Aides help improve staff to student ratios.   Download a Power Point presentation (with sound!) by Mrs. Sharon Neal about Aides at Enatai here: Aides at Enatai

Curriculum Enhancement - Field trips, assemblies, and activities coordinated with the teachers that connect to grade level curriculum; deepening students' understanding of materials.

Grants - Classroom and matching grants provide funding to the teachers to buy supplies for their classrooms.

Enatai's Library - Financial support for the library to buy books and supplies for the library to bring Enatai Elementary closer to meeting American Library Association recommendations.

Academic Programs - Academic Adventure, Passport Club, Science Fair, Multi-cultural night, and IXL Math.

YMCA PlayEveryday Program - funding for this program that is valued by both students and staff to create safe and fun play


All Participation Counts!

Ways to participate:

- Give what you can when you can.
- Send money. Direct Donation "Click The Pig" to donate!
- Contribute your skills.

Direct Donation

 "Click The Pig" to donate directly to Enatai PTSA and support our school community!

The Enatai PTSA is a 501(c)3.

All Donations are 100% Tax Deductible!


Thank you very much for your continued support.

We could not do what we do without you!

Go Eagles!