Your Geography Adventure starts with a map

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Passport Club is an Enatai Eagle Academic Adventure


What is Passport Club?

Originating in Washington State in 1994, Passport Club is an enrichment program for students to learn geography in a fun and easy way. Through the program, students learn to locate some of the world’s countries as well as other major geographic locations, such as continents and ocean, with parents, family members, or Passport Club friends at home, and are tested at school once per month.

This program is funded by PTSA and free to Enatai students.  


How to register/participate the program?

If your child is in Grade 1 to 5, please register by clicking Passport Club registration or email to with your child’s name, grade, and her/his teacher's name.


What do the club members do?

Students Grade 1-5

In September, online registration is open to students Grade 1-5 and passport books will be issued to registered students.   The passport books will be kept at school and returned to students at the end of the school year.

Each month, students study locations of countries at home based on monthly sent-home study maps.  An email with link of online study maps is sent to parents.  On the monthly Passport day, students are tested by passport checkers to point out the places they learn and are rewarded with one international stamp for every level they pass.

Students who complete all 9 months of Passport Checks will receive Passport Certificates. Students who pass 7 out of 9 months earn credit toward to Academic Adventure at the end of the school year. (2019-2020 School Year Note:  Due to the school closure alternate crediting standards will apply: Participating students will receive Academic Adventure credit.  Students passing 5 or more months will receive special recognition from Passport Club for their achievement.)

Starting from Oct, monthly special itineraries are sent to students with study maps to encourage deeper understandings of countries and cultures.   This is an optional challenge and reward students with special stamps.  


Registration and monthly Passport Checks are NOT required for Kindergarteners.  From November, Passport Club will quarterly send home activity pages to all K students in order to introduce geographic concepts to younger students.  At the end of school year, all K students receive credit toward to Academic Adventure.  


What is the time commitment? How to select study level?

This is a progressive program with five levels. Students start to learn 5 countries per month at Level 1 and are eventually built to learn all countries at Level 5 through multiple years.

At the beginning of every school year, students choose the level that best suits their age, interest, and available study time and learn the locations at the chosen level each month. The levels can be adjusted up or down through the school year.

Levels Locations studied per month Estimated study time per month Pass the check
1 5 10-20 minutes 1 mistake is allowed
2 Locations from Level 1, plus 5 more  20-30 minutes 1 mistake per level is allowed
3 Locations from Level 1 & 2, plus 5 more 30-40 minutes 1 mistake per level is allowed
4 Locations from Level 1, 2, &3, plus 10 more 30-50 minutes 1 mistake per level from Level 1-3 and 2 mistakes from Level 4 are allowed
5 Locations from Level 1, 2, 3,& 4, plus 5 more 30-60 minutes 1 mistake per level from Level 1-3 & 5 and 2 mistakes from Level 4 are allowed


How to help your child study at home?

1. Post the monthly study map in a prominent place in your home as a reminder to your child. You can also hang a large world wall map in your child’s bedroom.

2. Help your child set aside 10 minutes each week to study the map.

3. Use the monthly online practice test on the Passport Club website to prepare and practice with your child. (

4. Act as a checker and have your child identified the locations on the blank map for you before the Passport Days.

5. Talk to your child about global events in the news and find the locations on a map.


What is a Passport Day? 

Passport Day is a Friday morning of each month (7:40-8:30am) , when students meet Passport Checkers in the common area of each grade at school and are asked to point out the locations they learn for the month on a big blank map.

If students miss a Passport Day, they can ask for a make-up check in the following Passport Days.

The schedule for 2019-2020 is (subject to change based on the finalized school calendar)
(4th grade only) September 26, (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th grades) September 27 /
October 18 / November 15 / December 13 / January 17 / February 7 / March 6 / April 3 / May 1


Who are the adult Passport Checkers?

Passport checkers are volunteers of parents and family members. Their contribution of time makes this program possible. We love to have your help with the monthly Passport Checks regardless it is one hour per month or one hour per year.   If you’d like to volunteer or get more information, please email or sign up here

Questions or more information, please email


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