Enatai Eagle Academic Adventure




The Enatai Eagle Academic Adventure program encourages kids to stretch themselves by choosing their own adventures in Literacy, Math and Programming, Science, the Arts, Social Studies, Geography, and Fitness. Kids learn to set goals, work hard, and reap the rewards of their efforts. 


How to Participate

1) Parents and kids register online by clicking on the link below. Kids can participate without registering, but they will miss out on any updates or reminders throughout the year. As part of registering, kids will be asked to select the Adventures they may participate in. This allows PTSA to gauge participation and communicate with you more effectively. Kids may change their preferred Adventures throughout the year.

2) Kids choose their Adventures. See table below for a description of each Adventure.

3) Kids and parents document participation in the Adventures using Logs and the Final Entry Form. All forms and logs can be found near the office, or online by clicking on the links below.  Completed logs and reports can be turned in throughout the year using the Academic Adventure box located in the Library.

4) Kids and parents complete the Final Entry Form. Completed Final Entry Forms should be placed in the Academic Adventure box located in the Library, or scanned and emailed to enatai.adventures@gmail.com by May 15, 2018*.

5) Kids earn awards! Students receive a ribbon for each Adventure they complete throughout the year. Students who finish 4 out of 7 Adventures receive an Academic Eagle Wall of Fame Certificate, and those who complete all 7 adventures receive a certificate and a principal’s medal! 

New this year, Principal's Medals will be awarded at a private event with the Principal in June. 




Click Here to Register for 2017-18


Click Here for the Final Entry Form


Choose Your Adventures!






Enter the Reflections National PTA Art Contest

Sept. - Nov.

Create art in one or more of 6 categories: Visual Art, Literature, Photography, Film Production, Dance Choreography and Music Composition.

Reflections Page

Join Passport Club Geography Enrichment Program and complete 7 or more itineraries for the year

Sept. –

May 15

Locate countries on a map and learn interesting facts about a selected country each month. Kids and parents choose the appropriate level (1-5) for the year.

Passport Club Page

Participate in Multicultural Week



Participate in Multicultural week by making an International travel poster to display at school with Country information.

Travel Poster instructions

Participate in the Enatai Science Fair


Students work independently or in teams to design, document and demonstrate a scientific experiment to members of the Enatai community.

Science Fair

Info Packet

SMO Sheet


On your own, complete 8 hours of extra Math and/or Programming


Sept.  – May 15

Use online programs such as DreamBox, IXLKhan Academy, Tenmarks, or Code.org. Hours spent in afterschool tutoring programs such as Kumon or Mathnasium, or in Math Olympiad, also qualify. Must be in addition to any work assigned by your teacher.

Math/Coding Log



Get Inspired!

Literacy Adventure

On your own, learn more about a public figure who interests you.

Sept. -

May 15

Read 3-5 different sources about someone inspiring. Capture details in a biography report and create a project to teach others about the person.

Get Inspired! Literacy Adventure form available by

clicking here



BrainPower Wellness Adventure


On your own, experience how you feel when you make healthy lifestyle choices. Teach others about what you learned.



Jan. - 

May 15


Kids need at least 60 minutes/day of gross motor movement for optimal development. Nine-twelve hours of sleep makes kids rested for learning. Eating a variety of healthy foods gives the brain clarity and energy.

Track your activity for 2 weeks. Choose a project to teach other kids about what you learned. 

BrainPower Adventure Packets available by clicking here.


Questions? Email enatai.adventures@gmail.com